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Updated: Apr 20, 2024
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**Happy to connect over insta or LinkedIn for any career assistance/guidance in transition in IT. Not as much as active in CH as before**

Violinist(my insta - Arvindplays) | Data driven applications enthusiast | Manager/solutions architect with a working experience of more than a decade spanning across multiple domains. I would love to collaborate with those who are interested in shaping up their careers in the Data Engineering space.

If you ever wanted to talk about data, careers and opportunities around it, feel free to join the club 'Let's talk data'. We can host a couple of rooms together !!


Have 2+ years of working experience in any of the distributed systems like Spark,hive and a decent exposure to Cloud services
Having 3+ years of experience in data science
Having 2+ years of experience in data science with Master's degree
Having 2+ years of working experience snowflake
kindly DM me in linkedin or Instagram !!

If you are a fresher or are looking for an internship, please check the below page in linkedin.

Many companies have come forward to conduct off-campus drive for 2020 and 2021 pass outs. Please check out the below site.

Need help with the following ?
Resume building
Career guidance
Interview prep

You can reach me at
Insta - Arvindplays

A poem I had written about life !

Life is too short to live,
Yet it is an ocean to dive.
Forget the future,forget the past,
enjoy the present till we last.
Life can, at times, get so hard that you might want to punt,
but be known that, to be happy, you should bear the brunt.
Thinking of death,we gast,
do we not know we die atlast?
We think our journey ends at our funeral,
and we tend to forget that the soul is eternal.
why do we fear? why do we worry?
when we know that death is hereditary.
Forgive your enemy, forget their mistake,
you know, life is always at stake.
Think all, thank all,
those who had never let you fall.
Life is not about the time between the birth and death,
it is all about the time between now and the next breath.
Living the moment is all that you get,
live it happily without any regret.
Let me put an end to it,
Life is short,make it sweet!!

Invited by: Navaneeth Chellathurai

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