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Updated: Jun 16, 2023
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✨Licensed Mental Health Therapist &
Mindset Shift Coach - From team too much to putting yourself first without guilt. I've been there done that... And you can too. (Course dropping soon).

Therapy, No Chaser - I'm a realist.

📍 Virginia
⏳Some time in Florida

My jam is helping you figure ish out to create balance.

I've been there, done that and have stories for days of doing the most and struggling to figure it out. A true overcomer.

My passion is helping you find the voice of your truth and embody it. Then we bodybag those thoughts and behaviors that do not serve you.

Have you considered:
🎯People pleasing and saying No all the time is actually the same thing.
🎯Your irritability could be anxiety/depression?
🎯Self care and self love are different.

I'm here on Clubhouse and SM to build, grow connect with others. I'm all about having best friends in my phone!

Open to moderating groups about components of mental wellness (💆🏾‍♀️- all things about connecting to self) parenting/coparenting (the struggle 😒), the trash dating scene (🥴) to name a few. Ping me and I'll support.

While I am a mental health provider, the conversations held in this space does not denote a patient/client relationship. However, I am accepting new clients for services.

DMs are open; let's connect!

IG- AmplifywithNicole

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