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Updated: Jun 25, 2022
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* Researcher -Analyst (Drt.) Expert Enrichments on Iran -Israel Psycho- Warfare National Security –Inter-Cultural Diplomacy Expertise Analyst, Sociology, Political Economics. Israel Public Diplomacy.
Family Therapy, Educational Consulting, Org.Mang development, Leadership, Career Planning consultant

(Advocacy) Good familiarity with political, economic, and social situations in Iran - Israel as well with regional and Middle East Politics, international affairs. Jewish Philosophy- Dialectic Talmud, Irano-Judaica Heritage Analyst. * Raising awareness and deepening Jewish-Iranian intercultural discourse * Interfaith Dialogue Seminars in Europe Turkey, Israel US.
Jewish Iranian Communities Coordinator with Jewish Leadership Harmony Center, recruit students on Birth Right& Jewish Agency, Universities, Colleges for Career Planning. Skillful online Journalism- appearing on Interviews in Local &International Radio TV. Monitor & analyze strategic Research providing in written products Magazines - Webs social media for 670 Radio, Chanel 1, Chanel 3, National Iranian TV WDC ,PADYAVAND TV with Europe- US Irani

PayandeIran.org PayandeIran.com
تریبون آزاد نقد صهیونیسم
نگاهی به فعالیت های اندیشکده پارسیهود و درخواست همکاری و از فرهیختگان و پشتیبانی ایرانی تباران آزاد منش
مهرداد رحیمی
FB: Avihai Rahimi
The World Creation Concert By the Temple in Jerusalem
کنسرت روز جهانی آفرینش میزگرد پادیاوند با همکاری - آوی حی رحیمی With Avihai Rahimi
FB: Avihai Rahimi Youtube.com/alvin2600/videos
[email protected] ایرانیکا پارسی هود@ Parsi Hud [email protected] ایرانو یودایکا :Telegram
کانون هماهنگی رهبران یهود @kanunhamahangi
Ehsan [email protected] احسان یارشاطر اندیشکده پژوهشی پارس یهود@yahoodieh
Amnon [email protected] آمنون نتصر پادیاوند@PADYAVAND فارسی هود@Farsi Hud
PayandeIran.org Iran4ever.com PayandeIran.com

LA 310.9098859 NY 516.6849722

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