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Updated: May 17, 2022
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📅 May Topics: Schwa and Rhythm! 📅

Rhythm & Schwa practice passage:

November 4, 2021 Joseph Arnone
Underwhelm explores a woman who is numb to life because she is absolutely bored stiff with her surroundings and everything in it.

WILMA: "I’m underwhelmed. Nothing impresses me or excites me. I am amazed by nothing. Numb…I’m numb to this world and everything that’s in it. I go through life with one face that doesn’t move. I never smile, cry, laugh, frown. I’m a hollow vessel and my thoughts are empty.


My friend tells me I should seek adventure. I tell my friend that there is nothing adventurous to seek. I work in the mail department. I do the mail. Meet all kinds of personalities and I’m immune to the happy people, stressed people and idiot people.

An invisible shield has enveloped my being and my eyes are clogged with fog. Nothing reaches me and I reach nothing.

Existence is only breathing…silently."
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