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Updated: May 20, 2022


Socially Responsible Business Club, brought to you by Kindred (, is a space for business, nonprofit, and cultural leaders to engage in productive conversations about the future of socially responsible business, and the leaders who will held accountable for building it.


We respect each other.

This is a space where speakers are safe to have a voice and be heard. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

Stage space is limited.

We optimize the number of people on stage to have productive, meaningful conversations. We will always be sure to have proper time for Q&A and audience engagement. Your voices will be heard, too!

Keep your bio brief.

We want to know what you’re up to, but keep it brief. This is not a place for selling, it’s a place to bring your lived experiences to add to the conversation, while providing mutual aid & support.

Last 30 Records

Day Members Gain % Gain
April 02, 2022 326 +1 +0.4%
March 10, 2022 325 +3 +1.0%
November 19, 2021 322 +5 +1.6%
November 05, 2021 317 +4 +1.3%
October 27, 2021 313 +50 +19.1%
August 18, 2021 263 -1 -0.4%


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