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Updated: Jan 25, 2023


You're highly welcome to Meet The Single Moms Room (Parents) and we're happy to have you here🥰.

Single mothers are the most powerful women on Earth. If you think it's a lie, prove me wrong. It's not easy for one person to singlehandedly build the life of a child talkless of children. God created man and woman and gave them that responsibility but some men run away from their duties and give the cross to the woman with excuses, I don't love her, she's too fat, shes not my spec.
Great single mom ! If you know you are a single mom or single dad here, I want you to clap hands for your self because it's not easy at all.
God bless all single moms and dads.

FYI: Please if you want to bless anyone in my room, kindly do that on stage to avoid any issues at the end of the day. This house don't accept any form of audio transactions and I won't be responsible for any fake transactions that will be done by anyone. Please let us all come out correct 💯. God bless you all for your support.

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