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Updated: Jun 23, 2022


🔴We talk only about movies and no Casual talks allowed in this Room.
🔴Be yourself. The authenticity of Clubhouse begins with the people.
🔴Be respectful. This applies to every person, at all times.
🔴Be inclusive. Tolerate, welcome, and consider diverse people and perspectives.
🔴Build empathy and understanding. Engage in debates that are in good faith.
🔴Foster meaningful and genuine connections.
🔴You must use a real name or identity on the service with your Original Display Picture.
🔴You must be at least 18 years of age to use Clubhouse (or older if required by your country).
🔴You may not engage in abuse, bullying, or harassment of any person or groups of people.
🔴You may not discriminate against, engage in hateful conduct directed at, or threaten violence or harm against any person or groups of people.
🔴You may not share, threaten to share, or incentivize the sharing of other people's private information without their prior permission.
🔴You may not engage in intentionally disruptive activity that negatively affects the experience of other users.
🔴You may not transcribe, record, or otherwise reproduce and/or share information obtained in Clubhouse without prior permission.
🔴You may not engage in any conversations or upload any content that violates any intellectual property or other proprietary rights.
🔴You may not spread false information or spam, or artificially amplify or suppress information.
🔴You may not share or promote information (or synthetic or manipulated media) that is intended or likely to cause harm to any person or groups of people, including minors.
🔴You may not use the service for the purpose of conducting any unauthorized or illegal activities.


Strict Moderating

We dont allow people to speak out of topic, moderator holds the rights to shift anyone in or out as per the situation.

Compulsory DP

People with original dp will only be allowed to speaker panel, without identity never talk to anyone here.

Foul Language

Foul Language or hate speeching someone will result in removing you from room and restricting for future participation too. Respect everyone by addressing sir or madam before speaking..

Last 30 Records

Day Members Gain % Gain
March 12, 2022 2,400 +6 +0.3%
November 19, 2021 2,394 -3 -0.2%
November 13, 2021 2,397 +2 +0.1%
November 08, 2021 2,395 -3 -0.2%
November 04, 2021 2,398 +2 +0.1%
November 02, 2021 2,396 +4 +0.2%
October 31, 2021 2,392 -1 -0.1%
October 30, 2021 2,393 +6 +0.3%
October 29, 2021 2,387 +2 +0.1%
October 28, 2021 2,385 +125 +5.6%


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