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Updated: Nov 9, 2021


🍎🏃‍♀️🏹 This club is for health coaches, nutritionists, and fitness & wellness professionals, but this club is also for newbies who want to start their own health & wellness coaching business. This is an AMAZING place to share and brainstorm the most current marketing tips and business-building strategies.


This club is focused on tips and strategies to grow and run your wellness business.

If you are having challenges with your coaching clients, this could be a place for you to ask other coaches how they would handle it. It could be a great way for everyone in the club to practice a little coaching with each other.

Thank you for honoring the following rules:

1. No promotion of your programs, products or services in the group - If someone in the rooms of this club is interested in working with you, they will reach out to you. Trust me. (So make sure you have your CH Bio connected to your twitter or IG account.)

2. No unsolicited messaging to members to pitch your products, services or 'opportunities.' This will result in you being removed from the club.

3. Due to liability - We cannot field specific health-related questions relating to your clients such as diagnosing, recommendations for conditions, supplements, nutrition, etc. Please direct these types of inquiries to the organization where you were certified or licensed.

If you aren't sure if something falls within the guidelines, please message me on IG at @drmichele to clarify.

Thanks so much for being here! 🙏


No hate speech or bullying.

No spamming other group members.

Follow me and Add me @drmichele if you start rooms

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