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There are hundreds of thousands of stories all around us and Tales Gali brings you a place where you can share and listen all kind of stories real and inspired by real life stories too in all kind of Genre as Crime, Horror, Love, Romance, Funny, Memories and a lot more. We are also excited to discuss much more as Spirituality, Literature, Fun moments, places to visit, Conspiracy, life style etc.

So join this community and become a member to share or to listen such crazy stories.
No hate just love.: Doesnt matter if you agree with someone or not. One thing you need to make sure just don't spread hate.
No trolls at any cost.: We are not here to troll, we are here to talk and share our stories. Once you are marked as troll you won't be given second chance in the same room again.
Respect the speaker.: Doesn't matter how important it is but you won't intrupt any speaker without involving a mod.

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