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Updated: Feb 2, 2023


Through productization, curation and community, Revere lights the way for the modern investor. Join us as we riff on a variety of VC, PE, macro and US-Asia investing topics. Especially welcome are emerging managers, institutional investors, family offices and the crazy (but awesome) founders who are building the future global powerhouses. Weekly open session / AMA / Q&A with the Revere team, surprise guests and our investor community spanning 100+ cities and counting. Please follow Chris Shen and Eric Woo to be added to the group, and feel free to contact us at 📧[email protected] for more info!


Take turns

Frankly, we don’t want to hear ourselves speak (that much). We’ll try to make sure that everyone who wants to speak will have the chance. Q&A is awesome.

Play nice

Facts > feelings but please don’t be a jerk.

Add value

Way too many people say the same stuff over and over again here (and elsewhere). Try to add value by talking about new ideas, rather than simply repeating your track record or book.

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