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Updated: May 12, 2022


Est. 3/21 Co-Founders Aquisha G. & Somalia K.
Models are Real People with Real lives hence the name of Our club! The Real Model Living Room is here to genuinely help and mentor models of all ages, colors, genres, and sizes in the industry. Learn about everything from High Fashion to Commercial modeling & photography & everything in between!

Weekly Living Room Schedule 📆

Model Monday’s 1pm-3pm EST🧳
Start Your week with getting your model bag prepped and refreshed. What’s in your model bag? Are you ready to get your week started? Follow up on dm’s, emails, and respond to social media comments. Bring a drink!

Wednesday’s Open Topic EST
Join us weekly for various topics in the fashion industry! Bring a snack and please use a coaster with your drinks!

Fun Friday Happy Hour 5pm-6pm EST 🥳
All done with work? Come have a seat and tell us about it. Take your shoes off and hang your coat, grab a libation of your choice, and chill for an hour or so and reflect on your week.

Self-Care Sundays 2pm-5pm EST 💆🏾‍♀️
Time to wash your hair, moisturize your skin, and you know you need to do laundry. Meal prep for the week? Journal your thoughts, goals, and plans. Do some yoga, listen to some music and vibe out. We’re going to get together in the living room to share our favorite ways to maintain self-care.

Additional rooms will be held, please follow the moderators listed & to keep up with the club!

✳️ Regular Moderators *Somalia Knight, *Yaakov Hirsch, & *Alex Ventura

Thank you for stopping by! See you soon!


Be Respectful

We’re all grown and understand this. No hate, no verbal abuse, no trolling. Moderators are selected based on trust not friendship.

Everyone is Welcome

All backgrounds are beautiful so come and share your experiences in the modeling industry. Please do have a interest in modeling, photography, fashion, designs, and real conversations.

Be Real. Be Yourself

Come and have a seat in the club enjoy the authenticity of welcoming vibes. We’d love to learn about your interests outside of modeling as well.

Last 30 Records

Day Members Gain % Gain
May 12, 2022 435 +1 +0.3%
May 06, 2022 434 +1 +0.3%
March 09, 2022 433 +12 +2.9%
November 12, 2021 421 +2 +0.5%
October 29, 2021 419 -1 -0.3%
October 27, 2021 420 +4 +1.0%
August 19, 2021 416 +1 +0.3%
August 17, 2021 415 +1 +0.3%


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