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Welcome to the Legal Room. This is a room for lawyers, law enthusiasts, law students , journalists etc. Basically everyone who has a knack for law are most welcome here to join as a speaker or a listener. We will have eminent personalities discussing the latest developments as well as important provisions, statutes , rulings , experiences and much more. IMPORTANT
The views and opinions discussed here are strictly for academic and recreational purposes, and do not hold any statutory binding. None, of the presenters, moderators, speakers and members promote or encourage anyone to act upon or apply the views and opinions so expressed in their/ to their life, situations, cases, or advise any third party, in view of the purposes already mentioned above. Additionally, for any case specific query raised in the group, again the presenters, moderators, speakers and members cannot be held accountable or liable in case of any eventuality, as the same has been imparted based on the facts and circumstances explained by the inquirer (which has been presumed to be true, correct and complete by the panellists, moderators, speakers etc.), without going through the documents and facts in details. The inquirer or any third party acting upon such views, opinions, and responses to queries, without giving due consideration as to its applicability in their specific circumstances/case at hand or otherwise, will be solely and absolutely liable for the same, and shall not hold any of the presenters, moderators, speakers, panellists, and members liable or shall claim any relief against them.
The admins and moderators of The Legal Room, reserve the right to allow access to the present club and also reserve the right to remove any participant both from the audience and speakers from the club and or its rooms, if it is found at the very first instance that such person has been indulging in any kind of nuisance ,and/or, inappropriate conduct, and/or, use of foul language, and/or display of rage or aggression towards one another ,and/or, passing of obscene remarks and/or gestures ,and/or promotion of violence ,and/or hate against any person, community, race, religion or the country , or etc. and such person shall additionally be reported to clubhouse for the same.
By following the group and accepting the invite, you agree and accept the aforementioned disclaimer, and, agree and accept the rules of the present club called THE LEGAL ROOM.


Rule 1 Be a listener

Please be a patient listener to the speaker and wait for your turn.

Rule 2 respect one another

Please be respectful to your fellow members and refrain from disrespectful , hateful , unparliamentary , inappropriate and improper language. Respect is the keyword.

Rule 3 Legal Discussions

Topic of discussion majorly LAW!!!!!

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