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Updated: Aug 23, 2021


2025...Get Ready India.

Hand Hold and conquire the world with love and peace.

It's time to bring back our values.

When you have a passion associated with a mission and when you try to reach your goals and targets there might be hickup s blocks that stop you to proceed further.
This club is for the persons with business dreams to reach certain goals in a specific time frame.

If you have a question get the answers.
If you have answers then serve the needy.
Enlight others with your wisdom.
Hand Hold with others towards your dreams.


🧞Who are eligible join?

Those who are in Business or to start a business or Having an aspiration to solve the problems of the soceity can join The Business Centre.

🤫 Club Room - Etiquettes

1. Strictly avoid non parlimentary words. 2. Be polite when expressing your views. 3. Moderators will help you in case of any conflicts, arguments. 4. Please wait for your turn to speak.


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