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Updated: Jan 30, 2023


On a monthly basis, I (and guest-host friends) will give live feedback on a member’s story idea for film or television - simulating the experience of being in a pitch room. Each member will have 2-3 minutes to pitch and afterwards, receive the benefit of honest feedback and suggestions. Thank you in advance to the brave souls. And even if you don’t share, you can learn a lot from hearing someone else’s feedback.


Here to help 💪🏾💙

We’re a community of artists, here to help each other grow. Congratulate yourself for your bravery and openness to receiving feedback - a very important skill to master. The community thanks you!

This is a public space 🗣🌏

There’s no protection against bad actors in the audience who might run off with your idea or even well meaning folks who might find inspiration from it. It’s recommended to register scripts w/ the WGA

This is only one opinion 📨1️⃣

My advice is subjective and never the final word. I implore you to seek out additional perspectives as you make decisions about shaping your story or pitch.


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