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Updated: May 18, 2022


Explore the Future of Work and Education with us! The future of work is happening now. Topics include how AI/ML, Robotic, AR/VR, neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence training, augmented workforce, reskilling, ISA, policy, EdTech, workTech and more are changing the way we learn and work. We hope to collectively create a set of resources and connections that could help us and our next generation thrive in this adaptive age.


Be respectful

Listen and speak up. In conflict, have civil discourse directly off stage! Report bullying. Absolutely no sexism, racism and discrimination tolerated.

Make connections

Follow up with people that are creating the same amazing future of work and education.

Give and Take

Share knowledge, resources and relationship and don’t be afraid to collaborate. Collaboration over competition. Ask for what you need! See how others can help your mission.


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