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Agribusiness East Africa Clubhouse
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Updated: Aug 26, 2021


This Club brings together members who desire to influence policy, enhance an enabling business environment, and improve access to finance, technology and commodity markets. It shall foster dialogue to generate and disseminate learnings to advocate better commercial agriculture and agribusiness in East Africa.



Please, switch on your microphone only when speaking. Attempt to be comprehensive in your contributions but efficient to make best use of time.


Please use polite, correct and decent language, always aim at making sure you aren’t either offensive or abusive. Agree to disagree and pursue your goals with courtesy and gentleness.

Organization of Meetings

Please liaise with the Convener to set-up a room: be clear with the topic, objective, timing, and targeted take-aways. Assess and outline with clarity if there will be after meeting follow-on tasks.

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