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💡Pharma Choice Office: 🏫

It is an office responsible for defining the different fields of pharmacy for students, to help them in the early selection of their field of specialization, and to take a brief overview of other fields. It contains a number of clubs, events and workshops that serve this purpose, in attractive and beneficial ways for students.

💡 " Introductory Program of PharmaChoice" #IPPC :

A newly established student program at the University of Khartoum. Our mission is to educate and train students on research and development in pharmaceutical sciences. We offer a specialized curriculum, tailored for students interested in the drug discovery process. We also provide industry internships, lab rotations, and mentorship from leading researchers in the field. Our graduates are highly sought after by universities, pharmaceutical companies, and government institutions around the world!


Hello FPSA members and all pharmaceutical students 🤩👋👋

We would like to welcome you, with full enthusiasm, to the INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM OF PHARMACHOICE #IPPC. 🔥🔥

This program will be divided into different clubs discussing the various specialties of pharmacy.

We will host with us the brightest and most distinguished formal FPSA members in these different branches, all of whom graduated from our faculty at UOFK! 🤩🤩🔥

This is your opportunity to contact these alumni and continue learning about your career of choice.

We will have meaningful, interesting and science-rich discussions with them about everything that is important in pharmacy, to guide you on your journey of defining your career.

Stay tuned for some very special guests! 😉🌍

We hope you have a nice and enjoyable time. 💛🌻

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Pharma Choice Office

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