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Updated: Aug 24, 2021


தமிழ் பேசும் அனைத்து நல்ல உள்ளங்களுக்கும் வணக்கம்.....

வாங்க பேசலாம் பழகலாம்.....


No Political Talks and No Religious or Caste based talks ❌

We will not encourage political talks and We will not encourage Religious or Caste based talks which will disrupt the peace of this club 🤫

Respect One and Another 🤝 No 18+ Talks/Content 🔞

Be Empathetic and Respect One and Another… No personal attacks 🙏 No 18+ talks or abusive or curse words or obscene language ❌ Bullying/Abuse will be reported 🤐

Sharing Recording is Prohibited 🚫📵

Sharing recordings without permission of speakers, moderators and Admins violates community guidelines and will result in account suspension and reporting ❌

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