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Updated: May 18, 2022


Compassion • Dignity • Respect
Courage • Choice • Change
Inhale • Pause • Exhale

Welcome to Apt 5. Welcoming you into this space is the equivalent to welcoming you into my home. We will conduct ourselves accordingly.

What we crave most as human beings is acceptance, belonging, and connection. It’s our disconnection—from our Selves, from nature, from our art form or forms of self-expression—that causes the majority of our suffering.

The goal of Apt 5 is to foster connection. When we connect, we care. When we care, we take better care...of ourselves, of one another, and of the world around us.

We’re here to open the door and hold space for the voices that feel far from home. You may make a home here.

Discordant voices make harmony. They are welcome. But hatred is not. We may differ in opinion. But the common value we share is kindness. There will be no “othering”. If you cannot respect the lived experience of the people in the space, you will be asked to leave.

Apt 5 SOS: SOS stands for Survivors Of Suicide: An honest, open, safe space to share personal stories of and by those who’ve been impacted by a love one dying by or attempting suicide. This segment of Apt 5 is hosted by Lara and Pamella, who connected organically through Club House by hearing each others stories of tragically losing siblings to suicide. These women share their personal experiences, research they’ve done, and “trigger tools” that have worked to help them cope and navigate this challenging type of grief.


Please Remove Your Shoes Before Entering

Leave the filth of the world at the door. There will be zero tolerance for racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, and any demonstration of hatred or violence. This is a space of kindness and respect.

Be Willing To Be Seen and Heard

Where you may feel like an alien in the world at large, you belong here. We welcome your weirdness. We want to love you as you ARE. In order for us to do so, you must allow us access to the real you.

Inhale • Pause • Exhale

If something that happens in the space causes a reaction in you, remember to pause, breathe, get centred before you respond. It’s okay to disagree. It’s not okay to attack. Take a beat, then respond.

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