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Updated: Oct 4, 2022


Magic Marketing: noun
• the art of using someone’s intrinsic value to create, communicate and deliver offers
• the capacity to influence without clout or validation
• act of establishing common value between a consumer and a personal brand

❤️About Us:
Enlightened Visionary Entrepreneurs believe that it is our magic (resourcefulness) not our products or services that leads to freedom.

✨ Enlightened ✨
giving light & knowledge

having ideas that create change

📈 Entrepreneurs 📈
providing solutions to problems

We are a collective of thoughts, ideas & resources sharing light and knowledge on solutions that change lives, families, communities & the world.

🎉Who is the for?
Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Creators, Influencers, Experts, Visionaries, Practitioners, Storytellers, Change Agents, Producers and individuals who have or want to create a vision.

⚖️ Mission
Helping entrepreneurs find their magic so have financial freedom while serving others humbly in love.

👁 Vision
Build a community of heart-centered and soul-inspired visionary leaders driven by purpose to create transformation and impact in the world.

🙏🏾 What we believe:
• Vision drives value.
• Value impacts wealth.
• Time is more valuable than money.
• Vision is the value of time.

💡Personal Development before Personal Branded
💡Mindset before Marketing
Generosity before Generating Revenue

💰 Your income level will never exceed your level of intent.

🔥Imagination fuels Belief.
🔥Belief fuels Inspiration.
🔥Inspiration fuels Influence
🔥Influence fuels motivation.
🔥Motivation fuels Action.
🔥Action fuels transformation.
🔥Transformation fuels change in the world.

“Voice is the foundation of civilization.”
-Paul Davidson, Cofounder of Clubhouse

🎉 Please follow the Club Founder @_galyn.

👋🏽 Galyn Fergerson is a Digital Marketing Thought Leader who supports Visionary Entrepreneurs with a clear, customized marketing funnel strategy to reach, speak to and convert clients online with ease.

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