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Updated: Nov 21, 2023


For Egyptian/Arab expats living abroad having fun & weird dates . Let us share & have fun , meet new people . Most of us living abroad across the USA, Europe , Asia. You not alone in this dilemma:) let us have fun. Recently, we added more topics to cover more than just dating topics. We believe as Mods to stay always unbiased. Always remember , we have different cultures with different backgrounds, beliefs , ideas so respect , respect & respect . It is a judge free club & that’s our mission. We aren’t here to talk abt ourselves but more to listen & discuss. All opinions provided here by speakers are just a reflection of their exp. You can listen & learn but always check what suits you from the ideas being discussed. Remember it is your life not others so do what you feel comfortable& makes you happy 2nd Life is too short so enjoy 😉. Again respect others , learn to respect to get others respect . We have a very strict policy against mocking , criticizing others whatever their opinions are. Plz we r here to hv fun not judge others ✌🏼 peace out
No discrimination whether against ideas or persons: You can criticize the idea not the person .
Respect , respect & respect .: If you wanna get respected , show/do the same. We are all the same , no matter your education , experience, etc

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