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Updated: May 11, 2022


Black Luxury Industry Council (BLIC) invites actionable discussion on the luxury industry and its relationship with Black American culture, creativity and representation. BLIC milestones are:

• Establishing vetted Black luxury industry leadership and advocacy;
• Creating opportunities for Black owned luxury purveyors to access Black -or allied- capital, media, government and trade capacity building entities, including export trade;
• Funding formal educational and providing career opportunities in luxury management and technology for Black students and professionals;
• Normalizing Black owned luxury purveyors and Black Americans as luxury clientele.

Join us weekly for Wednesdays at 7p
CH room discussions will be 🔴 and available on the BLIC website


Be Mindful

Regretfully, BLIC cannot support topics which do not add value to the luxury space as it pertains to Black America.

Be Non- Partisan

BLIC is non-partisan and welcomes differing political and economic views.

Be Polite

Since many topics will touch on sensitive topics within the Black community such as wealth, social status, education, consumption, etc., be polite and measured within differing POVs.

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