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Updated: May 13, 2022


🤷Your virtual global platform to practice "GULF SPOKEN ARABIC (Khaleeji) & 🌍FUS'HA".

هذا النادي مفتوح لجميع محبي اللغة العربية.🌷🙇‍♂️

Marhaba 😍 This vibrant Arabic speaking skills practice club 24/7, was founded by K.M.A Wahab, an Arabic Linguist who is passionate about Arabic Language and culture. This club is open to all members(Asian, African, European, American), regardless of Religion, Country etc. especially, for all who love Arabic Language for various reasons, students, professionals and someone plan to visit Gulf Countries. This platform will serve as a live interactive platform to practice and improve both Gulf spoken as well as Fus'ha Arabic, motivate each-other, share knowledge, experience and discuss on various interesting topics etc.

We already have a list of dynamic, well-experienced helping-minded speakers who are ready to help and share knowledge. We warmly welcome Arabs who are willing to help us with role of Speaker/Moderator. If so, feel free to contact the founder or any admins. We plan for 24/7 hours practice support.

Members...,feel free to schedule/create your own customised rooms of your choice and interest under this Club. Make sure you add founder or any admin in Co- host list.

🤷Our official Programmes :

✅ "Arabic Language Lovers room worldwide" for chatting.(daily)-any member may open this room anytime.
✅ Practice Arabic language anytime (daily)- any member Trainer may open this room anytime.
✅ Practice Fus'ha Arabic with Native Arabs/ Experts.
✅ Practice Gulf spoken Arabic (Khaleeji) with native speakers. (daily: 6:30 pm, GMT +4, UAE)
✅ Goodbye to grammar..speak simple Ara/Eng.. build Confidence.
✅ Show your Arabic speaking skills Talent in the Hall of Fame
✅ Interviews with prominent personalities in the field.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please DM founder @Arabicmaster

Our admins:
Dr. Abbas K.P: @drabbaskp
Mrs.Asma Alaboudi: @asami.alaboudi
Mr.Abdulhadi farooqi: @ah_farooqi
Mr.Jawad Jamal: @jawadjamal
Mr. Abdul Majeed K: @majeeddkalav
Mr.Arshad Ahmed: @arshad1984

Make sure that you follow the club to get 🔔notifications of scheduled rooms under this Club... do share with your friends and network.

Come on.. Let's speak smart & simple Arabic. 🔊Happy Speaking🤩


Speak Arabic or English only.

As a Club member, you may either speak Arabic or English.

Keep silence while someone is speaking

You need to mute mic while someone is speaking, sharing his/her idea or thoughts.

Maintain mutual respect

While talking... respect environment and others feelings etc..this is an international Community with members from different Countries and religions.

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