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I help the curious discover they’re entrepreneurs

[email protected]
[email protected]

- All human beings are born entrepreneurs. Some get a chance to unleash that capacity. Some never got the chance, never knew that he or she has that capacity.
Muhammad Yunus

- Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.

Everything Entrepreneurship: Professor, Entrepreneur, Enthusiast, etc.

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Global Character-centered Education.

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The Sudanese-American National Affairs and Development Foundation (SANAD)
الهيئة القومية لشئون وتنمية الجاليات السودانية الامريكيه. (سند)

• 🇸🇩 Sudanese-American 🇺🇸 •
‎••• أمدرمان – جنوب كاليفورنيا •••  
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- أؤمن بان التعليم حق و ليس سلعة تباع
وتشتري وإلا فان الأمية مصير الفقراء

- أؤمن بأنه يوماً ستكون رئيسة السودان امرأة

- أؤمن بانه اذا سمحت لنفسك ان تظن بأنك افضل من شخص آخر فإنك تلقائيا تعطي شخص آخر حق السيادة عليك

- أؤمن بأن التغيير صائر لامحالة رضينا أم ابينا

- أؤمن بأنه واجب علي ان احترم رأيك وان ادافع عن حقك في التعبير عنه مهما اختلف عن رأيي، وأتوقع منك نفس المعاملة

I believe that:
* Education is a right of the people and a duty of governments, not a commodity lest the poor remain uneducated.
* One day a Sudanese woman will be our president.
* If you give yourself the right to consider someone else inferior to you, you’re giving someone else the right to be superior to you.
* Change and progress are taking place every second whether we approve of or not.
* I will always respect your opinion and defend your right to have it no matter how profoundly I disagree with it, and I expect you to do the same.

• Hobbies: 
🤔🤔Mind-bender/Time-travel movies
• Other: 
Aries ♈️
Foodie (Lamb lover) 🐏

[email protected]
Although I am on Twitter and IG, I am more active and responsive in LinkedIn, or via my gmail above 😊

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