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Updated: Jan 25, 2023
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📸Content creator/ photographer(mainly silhouettes) 🤘

✏️painter truns into photographer, just changed my gears to camera from pencil, brush and strokes!📷

🏅Awarded by CM of Rajasthan for making a wall painting on rajasthani culture!!

💻Professionally I'm a full time Accountant taking care of bills and managing funds for a firm!!

🏋️‍♂️I'm also in fitness💪 and nutrition🍲🥑
💚Being vegan i have loss 35kg wieght and built muscle as well in 4 months without any supplements !!

🌐Co-founder of Indian creators club (ICC) on CH. Follow me so that I can add you as member or host a room for you

🌐I'm also Co-founder of About Instagram (where we talk about all Instagram hacks and tricks) and Kuch bhi - Anything (where we do fun and detox types of talk)

I do brand collaboration🤝 and freelance projects📷.If you are Looking for collaboration then you can drop me a mail on ⬇️
✉️[email protected]

To see👀 my photography journey📷 then my insta is link below ⬇️

Invited by: Anshul Keswani

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