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Anarchist’s minds deliver a twist
Beverages first to get them all pissed
Covering their faces so the law they elude
Destruction in mind as their tempers all brewed
Elementary students they once wanted to become
Fucking about is their next rule of thumb
Growing their weed to sell and smoke the odd joint
Hoping to get a crew started and a leader to appoint
In all the confusion they forgot one golden rule
Jacking up drunks can sometimes be cruel
Killing a craving can be a deadly desire
Letting chemicals in can leave veins burning like fire
Medical attention needs to be quick , without wait
Narcan infusion is now far too late
Open casket for all the family to see
Pointless death , now just memories for eternity
Quiet mourners all sit to cry and deliberate
Rattles of the latch as the funereal staff open the gate
Sadness and crying as the coffin is brought through
Tears and moans crying how I’ll miss you
Uniformed all in black , this is the rule
Verified body , life is just so cruel
Why did this happen , why is life so shit
X-rays show stomach content and a bag it had split
You were my only son and I’ll miss you on the speech that she writ
Zero body remains as the furnace was lit 🔥

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