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I speak with candor about matters of the ❤️ heart, breast implant illness and how I healed. You will find I unabashedly share my experience in hopes to inspire radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy.  

I am a Sex, Intimacy, Relationship Coach and Explant Doula (supporting women removing their breast due to mastectomy and/or breast implant illness ). I help people liberate their relationship to their body and sexuality by getting clear and free on what is holding them back from having that deeply fulfilling life that is their birthright. By moving through blockages, embracing what it is that we want and desire, we step into our most vibrant, orgasmic, loving, confident, and sacred erotic selves.

My mission is to support people of all kinds to be happy in their bodies and in their relationships. I love helping people be confident in who they are, be who they really want to be, and have the satisfying relationships and sex they really want. From this version of ourselves, we can have the greatest impact– not only on our own lives but on our communities and the world at large. This work is from my heart and one of many expressions of activism.
My approach is holistic and has many influences including the Somatica method, mindfulness, trauma informed Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Tantra, Taoism, and sacred sexuality. I am a student of indigenous lineage carriers from around the world. I have spent many, many years at the feet of elders and teachers from different traditions, serving them, sitting in ceremony with them, studying plant medicines with them, praying with them, and soaking up their wisdom. Through this study I learned to listen deeply to my inner guidance. I compassionately guide clients with an uncanny ability to tap into what their higher selves ask for and become comfortable in their own skin and embody the freedom, confidence and sexual pleasure that is our birthright. It’s not only about having a better sex life… it is an invitation into an erotic relationship with Life Itself! 
Some of my favorite areas to work with clients on are:
❤️Intimacy, sex, love, and relationships
❤️Shame and negative body image
❤️Women healing from BII ( Breast Implant Illness) and mastectomy. 
❤️Healing and releasing trauma
❤️Overcoming religious shame
❤️Reconnecting to your body and intuition
❤️Discovering/exploring your desires
❤️Integrating pleasure into your everyday life
❤️Finding and embracing boundaries

❤️ with love,

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