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Updated: May 9, 2022
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Holistic Brand Strategist + Storytelling Coach who's wildly passionate about self-mastery, creative expression, and creating a soulful design.

That Thing I Do πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»
Give you the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to be consistent with how you show up to shine and thrive with your unapologetic self.

My Origin Story 😏
Over 15 years of experience in online marketing, web design, and vocational counseling. I went to college thinking I would go to medical school and left as a sociology major challenging the status quo.

Full Circle Moment 😘
Being able to support multi-passionate women to align their passion + purpose with profitability because your talents are not random and who you are IS your competitive edge.

Peep me musing about mysticism, entrepreneurship, wellness, and the occasional wanderlust shenanigans.
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πŸ’₯ my digital casa: πŸ’₯

Not So Random
1. Published 4 books + 1 oracle deck πŸ“š
2. Host of The Renaissance Bruja Podcast πŸŽ™
3. Doula Trainee '21 πŸ‘£
4. Proud GenX Boriqua from Alphabet City 😬
5. I once drove cross country from NJ to CA and back, with a questionable pull over by ATF in Oklahoma. πŸ˜’

Down to dish about brand strategy, the Outlander series, and the Yankees. 😘

Invited by: Rita Vanessa

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