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Updated: Oct 31, 2022
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I am an energy healer specialising in issues related to anxiety and depression, overwhelm and burnout.

Previously a successful corporate slave and then successful entrepreneur, this path brought me no joy. Exhausted and burnt out I experienced long term depression. Finally a serious illness stopped me in my tracks and forced me to I'm understand my power and purpose.

My mission is to save people the years I spent battling these issues and to quickly deliver them into a place of joy and fulfilment.

I practice a straightforward approach to Vibrational Energy Healing. Likened to a spiritual MRI scan this method allows me to pinpoint the root of the issue.

Using this unique healing method I pinpoint and clear blocks and restrictions that are stopping my clients moving into the abundant life they deserve. I work with busy professionals who want a fast acting solution that delivers long lasting results.

Visit my website to my view offerings or to book a session

Vibrational Energy Healing
Anxiety and Depression
Childhood Trauma
Weight Loss
Akashic Records Readings

Passionate environmentalist, truth seeker and quiet revolutionary 🤩 always seeking new information and open to collaborations that add value to people, nature and planet 🌎

Message me if you have an interesting collaboration idea 💡
Available for podcasts 🎙

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