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Updated: Jan 15, 2023
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My name is Tyson and I am from Orlando Fl 🌴☀️
I specialize in helping people discover their gifts and Own their purpose in life💪🏾💥

My main focus is 🧠
• breaking limiting thoughts
• Personal Growth 💪🏾
•Self confidence 🙌🏾❤️

Clubhouse goals:
💕 network with content creators in the instagram or YouTube space
Build connections/ friendships
Educate myself and support others

Connect with me 📲
YouTube🎥: Owning Purpose
Instagram: tysonmichael_
College: Florida State University ❤️

I love creating content that connects with people and helps people to change their mindset and discover there gifts 💕

DM ME for my free E book on “How to start discover your purpose in life”📒

By connecting me on Instagram below 👇🏾❤️

Invited by: Teenage Trader

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