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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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🌎 On this planet 2 help every human ❤️⬇️ feel like they #BELONG
🥰 Bringing ENERGY & FUN back into peoples lives

🇨🇦Largest Salsa Dance School In Canada gone GLOBAL

🕺💃DM me (#belong) for a FREE invite to our Virtual Dance Class

🤩 Latin Dance Classes + Mental Wellness Practice

⚡️I help my dance students live their best life on and off the dance floor.

🚀A 1 in a MILLION Virtual DANCE Class Experience

🤩The only Virtual Dance School where u come on your own and we can PARTNER YOU UP ONE ON ONE!

😙All from your cellphone/tablet/computer


🥺 Want more connections with people?

🥺Want more confidence in relationships, work, your body, and more?

🥺Need more positivity and energy in your life?

You're braver than you think.
You're stronger than you know.
You're sexier than you realize.
Find your happy place.
Just show up. Just dance.

🥳 Come party with a large group LIVE and be partnered up virtually one on one to meet new people and create beautiful connections.

💎 A few will even get a shoutout on Instagram with a tag (ask me how)

———————Bio ————————

Going from Zero to Hero

🦄 A donkey who learned he was a UNICORN - ⬇️ - Read my (your) story below

“You BELONG anywhere you go as long as you don’t betray yourself or what you stand for”

😱Born with 2 left feet, no coordination, feeling like an outcast with his friends & family, struggling with Hyperhydrosis, body image issues, overweight.

Going from studying to be a marriage counselor 👨‍⚕️, to training to be a cop 👮‍♀️, + much more in between.

😳The person who underestimated himself, worst dancer, slowest learner…

🚀 Now running the Greatest Dance School

🌎Opening my school and my ❤️to the whole world


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