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Updated: May 6, 2024
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📝Learning and Development Professional Regional Manager L & D (Assistant Vice President) in a leading bank.

Opening Across Pan India for Sales Role Both senior level (Min 3 years Experience) and beginners in a banking Sector for Asset Vertical (Loans).

Contact @ [email protected]

Husband of a Queen (Madhina), Father of a Prince ( Aaryan), Princess (Zanyah)

I am on a mission on making Can't in to Can and dream in to plan.Lets Do it together ❤️❤️

🎯Career Consultant

⭐ Soft Skills & Behavioural Trainer

📜CV Writer (Currently due to my professional Commitment couldn't do it quickly but still can do it but will take more time.Apologies)


🔝 Believer

Dear Job Seekers,

Always Remember that a perfect CV may not guarantee you a job ,But improper CV may be the reason behind your rejection.

A proper CV with appropriate Keywords attract More Interview calls.

To design your CV 📝📜which design your Destiny👇👇

Career Consultant, Learning and Development Professional @Tiny Steps With Noor

🎯Aspiring Entrepreneur , a Trainer & Coach by profession.
My Passion is to "Make a difference to make a living!".

🎯My Aspiration is to be the Cause for people to realize and aid them to move to their level next, be it through Training , Coaching or Mentoring.

So far I have trained more than 20000 trainees and more than 2000 training hours in various aspects across my 11 years of Learning and Development Journey.

🎯Current Goals include creating engaging systems and collaborate with interesting professionals.

📝My belief -

🎯 Everyone is born to live Happily.

🎯A truly exhilarating life is one where you cheer up your sorrows, share your happiness, explore the unknown, dream the unthinkable, get rid of your doubts, conquer your fears, express your creativity and enjoy having fun.

🎯Conducted various sessions on parenting and career guidance in various schools & Colleges and the same have been uploaded in my you tube channel @tinystepswithnoor

My FB Page: Tiny Steps With Noor

My you tube channel :Tiny Steps With Noor

My LinkedIn profile: Check out Noor Mohamed’s profile on LinkedIn

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