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We only seek what we find truly beautiful.

I love you, and even though we will never be together, I have waited for this moment for a long time. Before you were born and after you died.
Our love is revived in nature with music.

Why do tones feel beautiful?
Why do we share the beauty of tones without words?
Why are we so fascinated by the world that tones depict?
I wanted to express my life in tones. But now that this is not possible, I sincerely hope that you will express my life through your piano. by three tents

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. By Steve Jobs.

I am a person. Nothing more, nothing less. I am only a person.
by three tents. 2022.12.29

Does structure build beauty or does the aesthetic build structure? It may be true that at least something of my being moved by your performance was produced by a complex behavior that is neither structural nor aesthetic, but it may also be true that it is falsehood in the first person. That is why I think it is beautiful. In the stochastic existence of time, meeting you is both miraculous and fleeting. That is why beauty and transience go together as a compound action like well-tailored clothes.
by three tents. 2023.11.18

What is the melody of nothingness?
by three tents.2023.11.26

The existence of the melody of nothingness proves that the melody of something is a part of it.
無の旋律の存在があることは、有の旋律がその一部分であることを証明する。by three tents.2023.12.17

The tones overlap yet harmonize. That alone is enough. There is no division in the action of harmony. Tones teach us that all are equal in harmony.
by three tents . 2023.12.10

Melody shows structure, tone shows beauty.
(旋律は構造を示し、音色は美を示す。)by three tents.2024.1.7

What is the sound that drifts in between when a note turns into a melody?(音が旋律に変わる時、その間に漂う音とは?)by.t.t


いつも頭の中に 白紙の散乱 

All for the Public
All for society
All for the next generation of beings.
All for the sake of one citizen who wishes
Always scattered like a blank piece of paper in my head.
Knowledge of ignorance is a humble attitude toward learning 🇯🇵

and music lover. I'm a...dreamer.

Invited by: nori kakki

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