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Author, Leadership Training..

Dedicated to Accelerating Your Success -helping people up level by:.


Author The GRID System
Writer for Magazines

Assisting Corporate Leaders to Retain Talent and Build Successful Teams

My Book: The GRID System : Learn how to quickly Create More of What’s Good in Your Life

Learn the tips to be a leader and produce leaders :
Download my free E Book:The Dynamic Leader

♦️helping you achieve success with virtual and in person speaking and meeting ♦️

♦️Offering Emotional Wellness Tools designed to reduce stress and overwhelm

♦️Talks include : How to Shift Mindset, Change Perspective on Personal, Professional, Financial & Relational Issues for success.

➡️Develop your business right the first time.

♦️Corporate Trainer-Corporate Culture
🧘‍♂️Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist -PA
💪Certified Coach - John C Maxwell
🏫Adjunct Professor - Immaculata Univ
👮🏻‍♀️ Mom of police officer
🇺🇸Wife of Army Veteran / Realtor

Helping business owners by offering tools needed for a strong foundation for success.

Working with companies teaching proven techniques that are innovative and develop team-building and leadership. As the world struggles with the current workforce changes, why not connect with me to learn about success building techniques that strengthen the mental muscle of resilience while showing you why embracing challenges can be sources of powerful transformation

Coaching women owned businesses, because I can relate as a former so-called "displaced housewife" who used my paradigm-shifting practices to skyrocket to success.


Invited by: Joseph V Scorese

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