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Updated: Nov 24, 2023
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🎖🥇Gun shot survivor,Author|blind youtuber|Inspirational/Transformational Speaker| life coach|The Blind Illuminator|Mental Health Advocate|Mental Health Counselor|Philanthropist|Ambassador of Love and Kindness|Storyteller|Writer|Entrepreneur.

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I help people learn how to be the light in their tunnel, I help people discover how to use the pursuit of happiness to fight depression, I help people recover from depression and unforgiveness, I help people discover the Purpose in their pain.

Author of book-FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH….”A young Man’s Journey From Being Blinded in a Robbery Attack,To Becoming A Global Icon Of Hope For Millions Of People”📚📙📘📗

I survived a gunshot to my face in an armed robbery attack which caused me to go blind. However, though I lost my sight, I gained insight. I transformed my seemingly hopeless situation into a message of hope; I turned my mess into a message for millions around the world.

Founded the Tomi Waziri Foundation: an NGO dedicated to reigniting hope, forgiveness, love and kindness. Instagram page for foundation:@Tomiwazirifoundation.
am on a journey to create a million and more smiles.

Contact or WhatsApp: +2347082982667

Club: House of inspirations

Remember, every single acts of kindness makes the world a better place. Be kind always
My quote
Don’t let challenges break you, Let it make you but it’s up to you to choose how it shapes you.🥇

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