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Win in the notification centres of the people you value. Be the engagement.

🎙✨ Leadership Line of Sight Podcast
Recent guests include the illustrious Kira Blackwell former Director at NASA & Richard Castleberry, Director of the MBA Program @ Texas A&M University & Justin Gray, Music Producer & Tech entrepreneur.

🪙Tech Investor & Pitch Strategist
I write pitches that raise pulses for ArisMD. A brilliant AR/VR startup that will change medicine a monumental degree of magnitude by bringing certainty to surgery.
Wildcard to Finalist at SXSW🏆
NASA iTech Winner 🚀

🏘 Real Estate Team Leader
HACK&Co | RE/MAX River City
Our team is passionate about saving families from 3-Star experiences in real estate so they can win at the business of being a family.
📍Edmonton,AB #YEG

🌌Marketing Strategist
Gravitational Media that creates value through visibility.

⚡️🎤 Speaker
Keynote | Comedy | Podcast
If the message is important, messenger is invaluable.

🗣 Podcast opportunities, TEDx & conference keynote requests are welcome.

💣 💣 2020 Bombbomb Influencer
Over 6,000 videos since 2018...
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 2021 Best of Edmonton RankMyAgent

🎄 It may have been an odd reaction to learning Santa Claus was a lie, but from that day forth I never again believed in adults.

📲Are you getting to the chapter that makes or breaks it for our hero in one of your great adventures?
DM me in the future, it’s where I live.


Talk to me about visionary confidence, teammate performance, teams, real estate, crafting culture, entrepreneurship, making remarkable client experiences, choosing fear in comedy, engaging virtual audiences, humans as the highest resource, cybernetic companies, curiosity meetings, guiding mindset, prolific video, racing anything, formula one, advanced dog training, entrepreneurship in children, and how Clubhouse will help you become the average of the company you keep. Rise among us.

Invited by: Holly Madden

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