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🤝 micro-entrepreneurs freelance consultant

🤝 adventure tourism freelance consultant

"Open for opportunities to manage niche compact tourism properties to adapt well for workcation & staycation style of future vacations"

"A Nature lover whose's body soul and mind is on a mission to bring down 'human > animal' conflict & restore a little of responsibility in tourism by
working with & educating the local tourist guides, tour operators, commercial vendors and the founders of tourism properties that are located at the fringes of the forest to refrain from encroaching the jungle terrain"

My past 👇

* 40yrs self-employment 👇

• Printing & Packaging

• Tourism Resort Promotor

• Adventure sports & outdoor camping events

• Backpacker, Solo traveller

• Writer

The part-time door to door salesman job during my college days in the year 1970s was the foundation for the entrepreneurial journey that began in the year 1982.
As an avid Nature lover and outdoor camper, my adventure sports & camping event promotions ran parallel with self-employment in the fields of printing & packaging, a resort building and property management at hill stations.
As a writer am sharing tips for entrepreneurs, outdoor campers, healthy lifestyles and mind control, am also sharing my past experiences as posts on the social media pages

Professionally tag me at
#surissoul in

I blog at

I assist in entrepreneurship, organizing outdoor camping, setting up camping sites and writing assignments

Do check out my Instagram page too

"Let us respect Mother Nature and coexist with all Her Life Forms in a Healthy way"

Invited by: Srividya Suri

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