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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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Mom of super smart, extremely ambitious, and highly energetic 6 year old ❤💕💖
Passionate about creating opportunities in underprivileged communities and marginalized groups; this is why I am committed to continuously learning, improving, and growing.

Real Estate and ownership is key! Investing in properties located in the DMV and surrounding areas in order to bootstrap in business.

Interested in Mentor Protégé Program partnerships and Joint Ventures for IT Service contracts.

Founder of Reliabel Solutions, LLC, providing IT and AV solutions to both public and private sectors.

Crediting the vision and drive in starting this company to the many thoughtful leaders that I've had the opportunity to work with over 21 years in the IT industry. Just as I have been afforded countless opportunities, I believe it is a duty to create pathways for others who otherwise may have never had an opportunity to gain exposure in such professional environments, especially in the STEM fields.

Committed to sharing knowledge and lessons learned throughout my journey in business ownership.

Received an Applied Science degree in Computer Programming, while learning hands-on all aspects of the systems development lifecycle as an Application Developer, Network Administrator, and Program Analyst supporting NAVAIR domestic and foreign military programs.

Under the ITIL framework, provided oversight for all IT and Audiovisual services for the Environmental Protection Agency's Emergency Operations and Continuity of Operations. Also, had the opportunity to provide Systems Management for Email, Collaboration, and Application services for an EPA enterprise-wide contract of approximately 30,000 users.

HUBZone certified and Woman-Owned Small Business

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