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Updated: May 18, 2022
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No dey show your fellow niggas hell for Street bro e get why. Me no fit write you again, you done dey make person look foolish in the process of trying to make all of us smile brother

Another day 🏵️ another dollar 💸

Ibuy bulk an unit BTC at tremendous rates 😊😊
You should be doing business with me bosses💯 cus I can't do a street nigga no harm 🙏🙏

Wednesday Rates update 📈📣

💲 $200 above at 581/$

💲 $1k above at 586/$

💲 $5k above at 590/$
Instant Payment 🚀 on screenshot.. no waiting for confirmation ❌....
I know niggas sin, but please let niggas win 🦅🏆

↗️ BTC
↗️ Gift card 🏁
↗️ Card spending
↗️ Sure aza 🇺🇾🇺🇸 and pick up details Available 🚩

NEW UPDATE ‼️ Let Your Yankee 🇱🇷 CL get You this Card 🙌🏻 and Activate it with $100 or 200$ I will Load 7k$ weekly ✅✅
Self Pullout‼️ % 60/40

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