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🇬🇧 🤩💡Creator of unique, quirky lamps to brighten your day ... and night!

👉🏼—————🤠 WHO AM I? 🤠-—————👈🏼

🤩Very chatty, friendly, nature-loving, hat-wearing Brit!

🏡 From Stratford-upon-Avon, UK—birthplace of William Shakespeare.

🤩💡Creator of unique, quirky lamps


🎙‘Filaments & Fibre’: fortnightly, humorous chat podcast with my partner, @stephfibreart (IG: @stephanielesterartist)

🗣 Voice over / narration work. Strong, BBC-trained, British accent 😉

☀️So, for those of you whose interest has been pricked (and have time on your hands!) let’s delve into the detail of what I do to fill my day ...

👉🏼—————💡WACKY LAMPS💡-—————👈🏼

My exciting, developing business—Wacky Lamps—allows me to put my creative juices to work! I design and handcraft unique, quirky lamps:

⚙️ My steampunk-style creations are made from iron pipe fittings and are often designs using my ‘Pipeman’ character in various poses, representing different hobbies, sports or interests. 🤖

🏛 My upcycled lamps are made from upcycling neglected, vintage items. Whilst retaining the ‘essence’ of the item, I sympathetically repurpose the sadly discarded piece into a stylish lamp—with a new lease of life!💫

👍 To fully appreciate what I do, I would love you to check out my Instagram page using the link at the bottom of my bio.


My partner, Steph (@stephfibreart), and I produce a fortnightly, unedited, (hopefully humorous!) look at the absurdity of life and things that make us laugh. If you want to confirm that two Brits, approaching 60, are probably certifiably insane, then you definitely need to check us out! 🤣

👉🏼————📖 SB PUBLISHING 📖————👈🏼

I also have a small publishing company—SB Publishing—where we take on contract publishing projects. These are projects where an author has their own avenues for sale (e.g website, speaking engagements, webinars etc.).

👍 To find out more about the publishing, please visit


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