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#shootingnow I’m happy to have our Steel City “Love & Ashes” & “Chasing Bonnie” Series in production.

Official Entertainment Inc. was incorporated in 2003 as an S Corp. We started out as a record label, management company for artists, models, dancers, adult stars, reality stars and club tours. We pivoted to building our new companies Steel City Indie, LLC & Shaw Files, LLC incorporated in 2020 that will house our youth film programs, annual charitable events, junior entrepreneur programs, actor workshops, screenwriting services, short films, feature films, documentaries, podcasts, books, audiobooks, and online series. Official Entertainment Inc will fund and sponsor our LLCs while the establish everything they need to branch out on their own. Thanks for all the support through the years. I look forward to kicking off our new mission and business model. Let’s work!

#Screenwriter and #Filmmaker Steel City Indie, LLC here in Pittsburgh offers in-person/virtual youth and adult film workshops. My kids write and produce their own screenplays, short films, documentaries, and podcasts.

I’m looking to connect with actors, marketers, brand builders, distributors, and more.

I offer a zoom actor’s workshop. I work with actors in over 30 different cities.

I love to give back

Toy drives
Back to school bashes
Free Thanksgiving Dinner Basket giveaways
Free prescription eyeglass giveaways Hygiene products, clothing, community resources, and more

Steel City Indie, LLC
Official Entertainment Inc.
Shaw Files, LLC
[email protected]
Ig @steelcityindie, @shawfiles
Tiktok @steelcityindie

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