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Michael Breus, PhD Diplomate of the American Board of sleep medicine.

Double board certified in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Sleep Medicine.
I am one of 168 people in the world who have taken and passed the Sleep Medicine Boards without going to Medical School- I am a Sleep Nerd!
I have been in practice for 23 years and I am licensed in multiple states.

Currently, I am a High-Performance Sleep Coach working w CEOs, Athletes, and Celebrities helping them all improve sleep QUALITY!! Using genetic testing, supplementation, and proven techniques to help ANYONE level UP w sleep.

I have a really fun podcast where I interview celebrities (Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki, and Carson Daly), sleep researchers (Michael Grandner, Wally Mendelson, Rafael Palyo, and more!) and do deep dives on topics like Apnea, Memory (w Jim Kwik), Dreams w Dr Leslie and more.

Author: My most recent book (100k + sold): The Power of When, has turned into an AMAZING communication tool for anyone who wants to learn more about WHEN to do Anything!
I teach people When to......
Go to Bed
Have Sex
Ask their boss for a raise
Drink coffee
Tell a joke
Give your best presentation
All using the proven science of chronotypes.

Go to www.chronoquiz.com to learn your Sleep Animal Chronotype, and you will learn many of these and more!

I have been so fortunate to spread my message on so many amazing places NYT, Wash Post, CNN, Dr Oz, The Doctors, (250+ interviews each year) and lecture for so many amazing communities: Tony Robbins, YPO, METAL, etc.

I am excited to be part of clubhouse and look forward to speaking and helping!



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