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Updated: Feb 1, 2023
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Modern day time-traveler and energy Alchemist on a mission to transmute pain and suffering into balance and joy.

🎗️C survivor
⚪️ Positive Psychology Master Coach
🟡 Authentic Happiness Life Coach
🟠 Relationship coach
🔴 Akashic records reader
🟣 Cacao ceremony leader
🔵 PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (I’ve done five shark dives 🦈, without a metal cage or special protection equipment)
🟢 Narcissistic abuse survivor, turned healer.
⚫️ Occultist and metaphysician
⚪️ Ordained minister, PhD Divinity (spiritual, but not religious)
📸 Photographer (find my IG gallery at @janinalorelei)
📖 Editor and published author
💖Sound healer
🎼Classically trained mezzo-soprano
❤️‍🔥On a mission to raise awareness on narcissism, and to help heal abuse trauma

🌅 Boddhisatva

🔥 Aspiring firewalker (hopefully soon!)

My own process of healing has led me to discover a soul calling to help others rebuild their sense of self-worth, regain their confidence, and learn to live a happy and fulfilled life. I am grounded in balancing profound empathy, mindfulness, gratitude, and non-attachment.

To book a coaching session, or a reading, send me a message.

My coaching sessions are $99/hour.

My tarot, oracle, and psychic readings energy exchange is as follows:
30 minutes: $55.5
60 minutes: $111

💫 PayPal: [email protected]

On my journey with the Divine, I’ve been gathering a wealth of insights into our relationship with the Sacred, and our spiritual path through love and life.

I believe that music is the secret language of the heart, where words, harmony, and silence come together to take you on a journey of healing and personal transformation. When intention, emotion, and harmonics are combined into song, music becomes a living field of energy where you can discover the inner truths of your heart, and connect with others on a deep, spiritual level.

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