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I am the Queen of FAITH. I live by the word of God. Royalty is in my DNA. Overcoming obstacles is my spiritual magical powers.

The 3 Principles I follow everyday: Sacrifice, Serve, and Sow in all these things in obedience to God.

I am Always creating an empowering “Queenship” for other women. Being a 👑 is part of my world. 🇳🇬🇺🇸

Community is my heart. I carry many titles however, God, women and children is my life and passion. With the help from God, my family, and my support team I have created a full content for special needs children. Most people call me the Angel of Special Needs.

I am:

* CEO/Founder of SHE OverCame,LLC

🚨SHE OverCame,LLC is a faith based ministry that focuses on women who has face life challenges. It’s design to create and implement coping strategies and mechanisms to “Dominate Circumstances” that was meant to destroy you. I teach women how to Strive Everyday, Heal from brokenness, and Encourage them to love what they see in the mirror. You are the reflection you see.🚨

* Intercession and Prayer Warrior 🙏🏽

*👸🏽of a faithful prayer life🙌🏾🙌🏾

*Mom of the Fab4(3 kings and 1 mini 👑)

*Survivor of Leukemia 2x 💜💪🏽💜

* Licensed Social Worker (LMSW)📚

* Emotional & Mental Adolescent Strategist

* Behavioral Strategist for school age children

* Mentor & Certified Life Coach (CLC)

* Crisis and Leadership Coach

*Certified Speaker 🗣🗣🗣

* Blogger📝✍️

* Advocate for sexual abuse in women of all ages and races

* A member of Delta Sigma Theta🔺🐘(HBCU graduate)


🚨I have traveled all over the world✈️🧳🛫🛬

📍Military brought me to Parris Island, South Carolina

Subscribe and shop at for more information.

For all inquiries and bookings email [email protected]

There are several ways to donate.


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