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Who am I....
I am a Transformational speaker with many purposes.
It is important to invest in your self first.
Then I invest in others
You can not pour from a empty Jug it's time to refill !!
I take the passion that is inside of me and infuse it into the world to empower others that any thing is possible. If you believe it then you can see it,you can manifest it. As you unlock and gain access to the purpose that is within.
What a powerful bold word!! What does that mean to you?
I want to leave this world empty and that I have given the best version of myself to the world by showing others you can access the keys 🗝️🗝️🗝️to open up the greatest version of themselves and that they can pass on what they have gained as a chain reaction!
I am a voice that is needed to demonstrate how they can transform and to shift into the best version of themselves.
👪I am a business owner who works closely with children/ families to provide them with a positive out look.
Within child education/ welfare, As we invest in their future by giving them the best possible start!!
Where did my passion come from?
I went through a near death experience where I was involved in a RTA
The doctors did not think I would make it. However I saw the the light that asked me a question "Do you want to go back"?
My answer was "yes yes yes".
At that moment I made a vow that if I was given a second chance I will transform my life then support others to transform their life's.

The gratitude I have every day for life is when I awake and look in the mirror and see how I am healing after having 350 stitches to my face in a wheel chair and losing over 5 pints of blood. Realising how close I was to death. When I see the ongoing transformation and the picture you see on my profile this is after been in a accident. I am a gift🌹 to the world and I am spreading the light☀️ and love where ever I go..I was given a second chance🌟 any thing is possible if you believe in yourself.
🗝️Opening international Day centres .
🗝️Children Homes
🗝️ Boys and men
outreach and counselling academy.
🗝️ Young women and girls counselling academy
🗝️Health and nutrition. Healthy body's Healthy mindsets
I am a encourager who only see positivity as a friend!
.Business owner
.🎙️Transformational speaker/ counsellor
⚖️Health and natural medicine.
.🌏UK based
Thank you for reading my profile.

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