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PSYCH-K® Facilitator 💫
scrub your Subconscious, Remove limiting beliefs and reprogram your subconscious to help you achieve your goals and your best self!

👩‍🎓Certificate in
The Meta Physics of Life course💫

Helping people on their journey within!” 🗝 unlocking their potential.


🧲Teacher of Law of Attraction

I have a YouTube channel called LOA-Ed
Which stands for
“Law of Attraction- education”

LOA-Ed is about the education and experiences of the law of attraction.
We will embark together on a inward journey to discover the meta physical world and how we can navigate it’s great mysteries in our daily lives.✨
The intent of this channel is to stir up the spiritual gifts that are in all of us and to encourage the ascension to our highest selves so that we can live as one in love!❤️
I will include both personal stories and interviews that will testify of God’s power and the law of attraction to inspire us to continually press in and expand. ♾
Let us enjoy this journey with acceptance and non judgment of the many unique ways God expresses himself.

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