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Updated: Oct 29, 2022
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👨🏻‍💻Tech For Good
🌐Future Of Work
💬Digital Communication Designer
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❇ Parenting Coach
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Redesigning the way schools and educators communicate digitally with students and parents outside regular school hours. 🕖

Founder ~ transParentSee ™️

🍏 Educator, coach, and administrator of twenty five years. 🇺🇸

transParentSee™️ created to provide a safe space for students, educators and parents/guardians to safely communicate while improving parental engagement in schools. 🏫

Parents, need an easier way to communicate with your kid's teachers? 😕

Teachers, want to simplify communicating with students and parents during virtual learning? 💻

Administrators, want a solution with a simple push of the button? ✅

transParentSee™️ streamlines communication safely and quickly.

But why? How are we different? 🤔

Our innovative 3 Level Engagement©️ tool addresses gaps that have always existed and new ones that were compounded by Covid-19. 😷

Like a three-way phone call but with instant messages in real-time. 📱📲

Want to learn more about transParentSee™️ and other unique safeguards designed to protect the entire learning community? 🔰

Visit us: ⬇️

Seeking early adopters for user feedback. Ask about our incentives!

Fun fact: I acted in two films. Blowing In The Wind and A Time For A Champion 🎬

Contact me to schedule a discovery call.📱


Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn bio: 👇

Cashapp: $RLUCERO7

Shoot me a DM for questions or more info❗ ⬇️

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