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Chef behind ⭐️⭐️ ☘️ Michelin Starred Restaurant Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong. The President of Future Green( Formerly known as Food Made Good Hong Kong), who is driven to find the most sustainable way of operating restaurants in a city of serious overconsumption.



Sustainability has been at the core of Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s values since it opened 18 years ago through the gradual implementation of intelligent, impactful, and responsible actions. At Amber, we continue to bring significant focus on how we minimise harm to our planet, on environmental, social, and governance performance where Amber has a social, material and environmental impact.

Today Sustainability is an integral part of our communication strategy both internally and externally as we feel that there is everything to gain in the future to strengthen this messaging.

Amber has been recognized both locally and internationally for its sustainable efforts and we continue to focus on building productive partnerships and collaborations, participate actively to various round table discussions and be at the forefront in workshops and events.

On the relaunch of Amber in 2019, we crystallised our actions and values into our manifesto. The manifesto are the key elements that underpin our culinary philosophy and approaches.

We work closely with ‘Food made Good’. The framework of this organization provides foodservice businesses with manageable means of understanding, reviewing, and acting on the issues that matter. Ten key areas of sustainability are divided under three pillars: Society, Sourcing & Environment. We are audited yearly to legitimize our efforts and to create a clear plan of action to further improve.

In 2024 we will continue our search for the most ethical and sustainable ingredients whilst minimizing Amber’s carbon footprint and the pressure on natural resources and reduce our waste output & focus on social inclusion.

Invited by: Hani AlMalki

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