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Bridging Human Design & Gene Keys so you can remember the divine within, embody your truth, and fulfill your dharma 🧬

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🔮 6/2 Sacral Alchemist (Generator)
LAX of Cycles 2 (54/53, 32/42)
🎙 Host of the Uplifting Podcast
🏋🏽‍♀️Former Powerlifter (ranked #4 of all time in weight class)
🧜🏻‍♀️ Mystic living the mermaid life in Hawaii 🌊🌴🌺

Aloha beautiful soul!

I help soul-driven business owners energetically align with their highest self using Human Design + Gene Keys so they attract soulmate clients and fulfill their dharma through their soul’s work.

My mission is to help you uncover your naked truth- the real you when you strip down the layers of conditioning around who you should be, and step into your authentic truth and power.

I activate my clients to go from people-pleasing, burnt out, and living a dual life to liberating their true self so they can stand out amongst the crowd and attract soulmate clients with ease.

☀️Life’s Work: 54th Gene Key (Aspiration)
🌎Purpose: 42nd Gene Key (Detachment)
💫Vocation: 47th Gene Key (Transmutation)
Capricorn ☀️ Capricorn 🌙 Pisces ⬆️

Join Gifts of Gaia- a sacred membership community that is devoted to embodying the Gift frequency of the Gene Key that is activated by the Earth’s transits:


Wanna be a guest on my podcast? Apply here: bit.ly/upliftingpodquestions

Invited by: Keisha Jordan

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