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Founder of The Copywriter | Copywriting expert @Startup Galaxy | Digital Copywriter @Gourmet Egypt | Digital Copywriter @Bosta

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Hello there! 🌞

I am Randa Moataz, Founder of The Copywriter. 

“I write words that sell. I write words that capture your heart”.

So do you believe in the power of sincere words, like me? Bingo! WE are going to be the perfect match for this copywriting mission. 

If you allow me, I will narrate my story for you. 

I started my career as a transcriber at Nielsen Research Company for distinguished brands such as MacDonald's and M&Ms, then I shifted into marketing to join Abda Creative Agency, Digify, and Mortimer Harvey Egypt.

From a Nielsen transcriber to the head of community management at Mortimer Harvey Egypt, I  discovered my full-time passion by establishing brand stories that matter and building long lasting relationships through the power of using words. 

Fueled by passion for copywriting, I worked with well-known brands such as Bosta, Khotwh,Tefal, Moulinex, Americana, Future Media Group known as CBC, Rawafed International School in KSA, Six Degrees Agency located in Dubai, in addition to Bank Al Bilad, and Bridge Dental Centers.

Finally, I found my way to communicate good copy to the good people in the advertising field through the power of writing from the heart and educating them about the simple rules of copywriting through an educational platform named The Copywriter.  

The Copywriter is a platform for every one who has passion for writing copies in a light and fun tone of voice in ARABIC.

We deliver:

💫 Copywriting, Scriptwiting, and Comedy writing workshops.

💫 Social media plans, website content, video scripts, email marketing, blogs.

🎈 We came in to the creative world in 2018 and we have conducted +50 live sessions with creative experts and wrote +1000 piece of content through our FB Page and Instagram.

🏆 We won the second place at FEBSBI (Business Incubator)

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To make my copy short, summon your heart when writing your copy and tap into your readers’ minds and souls.

Invited by: Mai Mahmoud

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